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AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long (2012 Version)

Music video by AC/DC performing You Shook Me All Night Long. (C) 2011 Leidseplein Presse B.V..
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Question by MooseStuff: is it possible to provide 12 volts of power to four different fans spliced into the same AC/DC adapter?
i have four 12V DC computer case fans and im wondering what type of AC/DC adapter i would need in order to be able to use the full extent of each fans power. i would need to push 12V to each fan.

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Answer by jgoulden
Sure, just make sure that your power supply can provide sufficient current to drive all four fans.

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  2. damian5133 says:

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  10. Hitman669969 says:

    1:40 Johnny Sins :D

  11. ron levy says:

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  12. AnderssonArad says:

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  14. Carol Santos says:

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  15. HERMES SOUSA says:

    Ac/ Dc muito bom cara

  16. belziebub says:

    im so in love with Brian Johnson & the others from AC/DC– i love you guys so much

  17. belziebub says:

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  20. lucaxx522 says:


  21. matteo tuti says:


  22. billrussell42 says:

    yes, just wire them all in parallel. But you will need enough current out of the adaptor to run all 4, that is 4 times the current for one.


  23. tech says:

    Besides voltage you also need to check the ampere rating of each fan. If you are going to use a single adapter which can not supply enough amps to these four fans, you will end up burning the adapter.

    Check your fans, sum up the total amps and shop for the adapter with at least 25% more capacity. Then you can connect them in parallel.

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