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Riley Cooper Fighting During Kenny Chesney In Linc Parking Lot

viva la stool.
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Music video by Kenny Chesney performing The Boys of Fall. (C) 2010 Arnie Barn. All Rights Reserved.

Question by Sammy: How can I dress like Keith Urban or Kenny Chesney for Halloween?
I want to dress up like Kenny Chesney or Keith Urban for a halloween party. Any suggestions on outfits?

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Answer by Little Miss Sunshine
for kenny chesney where one of those shirts that don’t have sleeves… he always does that. and wear a cowboy hat like his, tight jeans and boots and you’re ready to go!

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18 Comments on "Riley Cooper Fighting During Kenny Chesney In Linc Parking Lot"

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  1. dmg8787 says:

    dumbest fucking shit ever.

  2. southerndraw29 says:


  3. jlysaght3679 says:

    me too bro, me too. I would of given ANYTHING to play…….

  4. RockO4959 says:

    Class of 2013

    Going to miss high school football, would do anything to be in shoulder pads and helmet again, taunting the other opponent, talking trash, and getting my name called for every play I made, and the fame. (Nose Guard #55)

  5. Brnadon Markert says:

    What a terrible coach you had. He showed zero sportsmanship

  6. anthony lopez says:

    iv played football since 5th grade and when my highschool years came my coach dedicated this song to us when we beat a team 82-14

  7. texas74535 says:


  8. texas74535 says:

    Texas High school football is a religion down here

  9. cody cash says:

    im still in high school hahaha, how do u think I feel lol

  10. Antonio Marić says:

    I love this song :)

  11. diggsjd says:

    this song does a great job of telling about the brotherhood that is the football family…i will never forgot my highschool brothers

  12. brandonnorton13bn says:

    I love this Song I play football yes everday putting on them Sholder pads it fells great to hit people eagle nation

  13. Stephanie Bartles says:

    I play football with my riends :) MAD FUN!!!

  14. E Maria says:

    I never played sports but my 16 year old does. This song chokes me up. I love it.

  15. ViperEntertainment69 says:

    12-1 2 years in a row maybe this year we could go 15-0

  16. DavesLife100 says:

    Great Song! I like football time to time but its not my favorite sport. Never understand why the south loves it so much. I grew up on baseball up north and NFL. I have great respect for football tho its not my sport

  17. CC52 says:

    Chesney is so easy. Just wear a cowboy hat or a backwards fitted hat. Wear a cutoff sleeveless shirt and some beach type jeans and flip flops. Go for his island style or whatever.

  18. k8 says:

    Kenny Chesney- just dress like your gay.
    Keith Urban- Crocodile Dundee

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